Capacity never seen before

TTA M8A PRO represents the top category of spraying drones with its 20 liter liquid tank, carbon structure and high performance. Spray up to 1.8 hectares with a single takeoff in just 15 minutes.

These new tools of precision agriculture are making complicated tasks possible, like spraying in case of wet ground and mud, or just handle smaller areas inside the field without dealing damage to the crops.

The TTA agricultural spraying drone is capable to replace traditional spraying solutions with up to 40-times faster work than manual spraying. Small droplet sizes and airflow make drone spraying more efficient on both side of the leaves.

What's inside the package: 

  • 1 unit of TTA M8A PRO spraying drone

  • 1 remote controller

  • 24 pieces of 16000 mAh TTA LiPo batteries

  • 1 unit of industrial fast-charger

  • Operation and maintenance training for 1 person on-site

  • Rugged transportation case

  • Necessary software (supports Android devices)

  • Toolkit for maintenance

Autonoumus flying​


TTA M8A PRO spraying drone supports autonomous flying. Just mark your field on the embedded map and let the drone plan the route and do the work by its own. If the liquid is out or the battery is running out of power, the drone can fly automatically back to its home point and after recharge, it can continue spraying from where it stopped.



Terrain following with ultrasonic radar


TTA M8A PRO is equipped with an ultrasonic radar which helps the drone to follow the terrain, in order to get the same quality spraying near safe flight.


One-key return


The drone can always come home with just a push of a button on the remote controller. The return-to-home function can be activated automatically in case of signal loss or low battery level.


Industrial remote controller ​


With the industrial grade dust and splash proof remote controller and the TTA mobile application, every flight parameters can be adjusted according to our spraying needs. It can perform one-key return to home or emergency stop as well.



TTA M8A PRO was designed to be repaired easy and cheap even on the fields. Almost every part of the drone are modular and can be easily replaced or repaired. 


As an official partner of TTA, we have European stock of parts and able to provide repair services locally.  


High-performance LiPo battery


The drone flyes with 4 pieces of 16000 mAh LiPo battery, which provides energy efficient and safe operation.

Shipping and warranty​


Our drones are shipped personally and our colleagues provide the factory-approved training for each units.


Every TTA drone comes with a unique serial number and 12 months factory warranty.





Diagonal wheelbase:

- 1630 mm

Folded sizes:

- 513*473*540 mm

Empty weight (without battery):

- 18 kg

Recommended takeoff weight:

- 44 kg

Maximum takeoff weight:

- 46 kg

Tank material:

- Industrial grade plastic

Tank capacity

- 20 liters

Recommended operation temperature:

- 10-35 C°

Flight parameters: 


Flight time with full tank:

- 15 minutes

Empty flight time:

- 30 minutes

Flight speed:

- 0-15 m/s

Maximum controller range:

- 1.5 km

Maximum takeoff altitude above sea level:

- 3500 m


- Automatic takeoff and landing:

Wind resistance:

- <12.0 m/s (43.2 km/h)

Maximum power output:

- 18400 W​

Hovering power output:

- 5400 W​


Droplet sizes:

- 80-200μm (adjustable)

The number of nozzles:

- 6 pcs

Recommended spraying speed:

- 4-6 m/s

Width of spraying:

- 5-8 m - depending on the flight altitude

Recommended spraying altitude:

- 2-4 m above the crops

Work efficiency

- 1.5-1.8 hectares/takeoff/15 minutes